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  • Take it away, Les: Hardeep Singh Kohli terminates BBC radio interview

    Is this the worst radio interview ever? It's writer and broadcaster Hardeep Singh Kohli being interviewed about his new book, Indian Takeaway, on the Les Ross show on BBC WM. At least, it's supposed to be about his book, but ends up more like an Alan Partridge tribute act. "Are you Asian British Scottish, or British Scottish Asian? It's very important to get them all in the right order these days isn't it?" asks Ross. It starts off bad, and just keeps getting worse. "I think we need to take it to a higher plane, not that your book isn't on a higher plane already."

    See what we mean? Ross then confuses Kohli's comedy memoir about food with his BBC Radio 4 series about the partition of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. "I thought it was that with fish and chips thrown in," offers Ross. No, replies the author. One's funny, the other's about genocide. "I'm not clear what's happening here. Have I missed the point?" asks a bemused Kohli, seconds before he terminates the interview. "You've been in broadcasting before," replies Ross. "Surely you know what's happening?" Yes, it's called a car crash. A great big car crash. A-ha!



Pashaura Singh

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